Two pretties at a football event gave on man in attendance some extra special treatment and now it seems their actions might have earned them a red card after a video of their actions was widely shared on social media causing outrage for some of the more conservative members of the Thai community.

The video and images quickly went viral showing a Thai man in the middle of a pretty sandwich with his head lodge firmly between one of the women’s “assets.”

While those in attendance seemed to think it was great with loud cheers from the watching crowd and chants of something similar to “get them out for the lads.”

Pretties raunchy actions at football event earn them red card

The raunchy incident happened at an event at a city artificial-turf pitch.

The head of the football association played on artificial-turf Pattana Chollaphan spoke out after the incident telling reporters that pretties at such events were common and fans often drank at the events as well.

Pretties raunchy actions at football event earn them red card

He noted that on this occasion actions might have “gone over the top” he is currently in the process of calling those involved in the incident in and regulations will now be put in place for future events.

While opinions were divided online with some condemning their actions and others praising it as light-hearted fun it looks like the man involved in the incident had no complaints.

Source: Daily News

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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