A Thai spokesmodel or “pretty” has taken to social media after a fan allegedly tricked her into eating brownies laced with marijuana over the weekend.

26-year-old Thitiporn Waritthanan from Phitsanulok posted on the Facebook page Queen of Black Spades claiming that while working over the weekend presenting for an alcohol brand at a pub on Saturday night she and two other pretty’s were gifted a box of brownies by a man attending the event.

Thitiporn said that she was hungry and ate 5 of the chocolate desserts and her co-worker ate two.

Pretty accuses man of tricking her into eating pot brownies at event

Not having any experience with narcotics and having ingested quite a large quantity Thitiporn said she felt the effects very quickly and said that her heart began to race, she became very thirsty and her vision was impaired.

Not knowing what was happening at the time and unable to continue working Thitiporn went to hospital were doctors assumed she was suffering from an allergic reaction.

However the following day she was still unwell so went to the Phitsanulok Buddhachinaraj Hospital where tests revealed she tested positive for marijuana.

Her co-worker who also ate the brownies also tested positive for the drug and both women have since made an official complaint with police against the man who gave them the confections.

Pretty accuses man of tricking her into eating pot brownies at event

Thitiporn has alleged that the man accused of giving the pair the pot brownies has asked her to retract the information she posted online, however she is refusing to do so.

Thitiporn said she has shared her story as a warning to others.

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