BREAKING : Prime Minister promises election in November 2018

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha announced to reporters this afternoon that Thailand will hold an election in November 2018.

The announcement came following a cabinet meeting where the junta chief told reporters outside of the Government House in Bangkok “in November 2018, there will be an election, is it clear?”

BREAKING : Prime Minister promises election in November 2018

Local media went on to report that the PM said an election date for November would be announced next June with the vote taking place in November.

The military took control of Thailand in 2014 when the elected Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra (now a fugitive) was removed from power following months of protests demanding that she remove herself from office.

After the military took charge the generals put in place a new charter which limited the power of elected politicians and put in place a fully appointed senate, of which several members would be military leaders.

BREAKING : Prime Minister promises election in November 2018

The PM also made it clear that any appointed future leader must adhere to the “legally binding 20-year-plan” for the nation which is still currently being worked out.

The announcement of an election comes shortly after the PM visited the US President Donald Trump at the White House.

Following the pairs meeting a joint statement was released which said Trump welcomed Thailand’s commitment to a fair election in 2018 which lead to confusion back in Thailand.

The PM initially said following the statement that only a date would be announced in 2018 of when an election would be held but he appears to have changed his mind on the matter once again.

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