Prime Minister Orders Rethink On New Foreign Workers Laws

Thailand’s leader Prayut Chan-o-cha has back tracked on the recent law that was designed to clamp down on foreign workers and the companies which employed them, because he believes it could lead to shortages of manpower.

The Labour Ministry has been told to come up with plans to lessen the impact of the new decree on foreign workers.

Prime Minister Orders Rethink On New Foreign Workers Laws

This comes after two days of the new law being pushed into place.

It seems that the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing!

The prime minister is of course correct for the decision to introduce harsher penalties, including larger fines or jail terms, does not help the nation attract quality workers. If Thailand is to grow, it must entice skilful people to come and work in the country by making it easier to obtain legal employment.

It must also cease bringing in cheaper unskilled labour from abroad and ensure their own people have jobs. Jobs for Thai people must come first, no one would disagree with that.

But where foreigners can offer skills that are either in demand or in short supply, then the process needs to be a lot easier.

Prime Minister Orders Rethink On New Foreign Workers Laws

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, must endorse the nations requirement for foreign workers in certain fields of business. For instance, why are China building the new high speed rail link? It can only be either there is a lack of capital or a shortage of skilled people to carry out the work. But Thais must benefit too, and so the Chinese should work in conjunction with the Thais and pass on their techniques and experience.

This would apply to all walks of life. English teachers should be suitably qualified and not taken on because they are cheap to employ. How does that help the nation learn English?

So let us hope that the PM gets this right and does something to encourage people with certain skills to come and ply their trade in Thailand.



Source : Bangkokpost

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  1. Foreign workers who are native speakers are much better than the vast majority of educated Thai English language teachers.
    It would be easy enough for a panel of Native English speakers to rate the abilities of teachers. Just because one has a degree and a TESL course is currently sufficient. However, several have no ability to teach at all and many non degreed individuals are far superior to many with degrees.
    The criteria should be that
    1. One has the ability to teach.
    2. Native speaker


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