Man Has Prison Sentenced Reduced From 103 Years To 20

A Dutch man who had been sentenced to 103 years in jail for money laundering, has had his sentenced reduced for a second time.

Johan or Johannes van Laarhoven from Holland, was convicted in 2015 for laundering money in Thailand, believed to have been made from illicit cannabis deals in his native Holland.

Man Has Prison Sentenced Reduced From 103 Years To 20

His 103 year sentence was previously reduced by one third but under appeal, this has been further reduced to 20 years by the Criminal Court in Bangkok.

His wife, Mingkhwan, a Thai national, who had also been imprisoned for 18 years, had her term decreased to seven years.

In 2014, Dutch MPs called for Mr. Van Laarhoven to be released as they believed the money came from sales of coffee shops. The money involved is believed to be in the region of 300 million baht.

Rumours were circulated in 2016, that he was jailed at the request of a “notable” person, despite the lack of evidence presented to the courts.

In fact the maximum term for money laundering in Thailand is 20 years in prison, so how did he received such a high penalty as 103 years?

In 2014, police said they discovered property and cars belonging to the Dutch man and his wife, which is hardly uncommon in the Kingdom.

Mr. Van Laarhoven, who is 57-years-old and his wife are likely to appeal again in the future.

Source : Thaivisa

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