Proposal to limit the number of tourists visiting marine national parks

A high level marine biologist has suggested that the Thai government should limit the number of marine tourists visiting national parks to 6 million per year in an effort to lessen the environment impact it is having on the ecological systems in the parks.

A meeting was held by Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon on January 19 between members of the Marine and Costal Resources Policy Management Committee where Thon Thamrongnawasawat the deputy dean at the Fisheries Faculty from Kasetsart University submitted the proposal to limit the number of visitors.

The proposal took into account information provided by the tourism agencies and Department of National Parks and Wildlife and Plant Conservation which concluded that over 6 million marine tourists were expected to visit national parks throughout 2018.

Proposal to limit the number of tourists visiting marine national parks

The proposal stated that number needed to be limited to a maximum of 6 million tourists to prevent pollution from damaging marine ecosystems.

According to data there was a total of 4.51 million visitors to national parks in 2016 and 5.87 million visitors in 2017.

Proposal to limit the number of tourists visiting marine national parks

Dr Thon noted that of the 5.87 million people who visited national parks last year 4.51 million of them went to marine national parks.

With increasing numbers of boats being used he said it is unavoidable coral reefs will be damaged as well as oil leaks from boats and littering, all having an effect on marine ecosystems.

It is estimated that roughly 77 percent of the coral reefs here in Thailand have been damaged and it is hoped that by imposing stricter measures on tour boats and that this number could be reduced to 50 percent in five years’ time.

Source : Thai PBS

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  1. I was one of those tourist in Thailand it was bad they drop you off at a beach its so crowded you cant do anything but wait in the shade all the boats took all the beach you cant swim it was really bad there out to make so much money they forgot about you.


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