Prostitutes rescued after victim slipped a secret note to a shop clerk

17 Thais were rescued from South Korea after one woman slipped a secret note to a store clerk that was written in three languages asking for help.

Foreign ministry spokesman Busadee Santipitaks said Sunday, of the 17 Thais 12 worked as masseuses and five were forced into prostitution.

He also stated that the South Korean authorities were in the process of dealing with the owner of the massage shop where the women were being held and there accomplices.

The incident made the headlines after one of the women secretly gave a note to a convenience store worker written in Thai, English and Korean, that later she apparently learnt from a customer, when she visited a store whilst being escorted by a gang member.

Authorities raided the fourth floor of the building on May 18th and rescued the women along with four others, five arrests were made.

Among the five arrested was a man only identified as Lee who allegedly lured the five Thai women with well-paid massage jobs but then took their passports and forced them into prostitution.

The women were reportedly not paid for their first month but then paid 1,190 baht per customer over the following months.

Source : The Nation

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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