The Ministry of Public Health is set to meet today (October 10) to discuss taking action against convenience stores who briefly sold draft beer, before suspending sales after protests.

The director of the ministry’s Alcohol Control Committee Dr Niphon Chinannonthavej announced yesterday that a meeting was to be held to look at pursuing legal action under the Alcohol Control Act of 2008.

He noted that selling beer in that format is similar to selling keg beer in other countries but it has never been done at convenience stores in Thailand before.
He said that the intention of selling draft beer is to drink it then and there unlike bottles or cans of alcohol which can be taken away.

The Alcoholic Business Watchdog Network coordinator Kamron Chudecha said the stores are guilty of promoting alcohol sales and not controlling the ages of their customers.
Fears are that by selling draft beer at the stores it will lead to an increase in public intoxication and drink driving he noted.

A researcher into alcohol addiction Muhammadfami Taleh also opposed the sale of draft beers at convenience stores who he said are exploiting a loophole by using vending machines to distribute the product, he called on the retailers and the beer companies themselves to be more socially responsible.

What are your opinions? Do you welcome draft beer at convenience stores or think it should be outlawed?

Source : Thai PBS

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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