It’s now been a month since the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority introduced their new policy where if a member of the public reported on motorcyclists and others.

For misusing footpaths in Bangkok they would receive half of the fine issued.

Officials released figures yesterday detailing the success of the new public informant scheme.

Throughout October 171 informants were paid out a total of 55,750 baht which on average equated to 321 baht per head.

It was reported that there are still 69 informants yet to go collect their reward for reporting others bad behaviour, possibly through fear of being labelled a snitch.

17 people who informed of instances to police said that they did not want a monetary reward and that the knowledge they were doing their part to make footpaths safer was reward enough.

It was also reported by Manager that police were able to make a total of 257 successful convictions.

Authorities have praised the public for their diligent efforts and reminded them that a report can be filed by using the Line app, Facebook, by letter or over the phone.

Source: Thai visa

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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