Rabies To Be Eradicated By 2020

The Ministry of Public Health have said they plan to eliminate rabies from the Kingdom by 2020, with the assistance of the World Health Organisation.

As much as this is a fantastic plan involving groups from around the world, it is one that is at the very least, ambitious.

Firstly, they have to deal with the packs of wild dogs, that roam the country. Dogs are a major concern here, especially with tourists. Many condos are located in quiet areas but tourist cannot walk safely due to the amount of dogs freely roaming nearby. If they are serious about eradicating rabies, this has to be the starting point.

Vaccination is not the answer. They dogs need rounded up and homes found for them or as a last resort – destroyed. No one wishes to see the latter but if rabies is to be a thing of the past, something has to be done and fast.

In 2016, there were 14 fatalities from rabies. There have been at least three cases so far in 2017.

Anyone who has been bitten by an infected animal faces certain death unless they receive the vaccination swiftly.

Measures have been taken to increase awareness of rabies and what a person should do, if they are bitten by a rabid dog or other creature.

HRH Princess Chulabhorn, as the President of the “Disease-free Animals, Save Humans from Rabies” campaign has expressed her wish to eliminate rabies from Thailand within two years.

Having such a prestigious name behind the scheme can only enhance the chances of success of the project.

Source : ThaiPBS

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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