Red Light For Chinese Female Tourists

Since the 1960s, Patpong in Bangkok, has been one of the main attractions for
tourists in the city, primarily due to its “red light” area.

However, something has changed as many visitors to Patpong and beyond are
now female, heavily outweighing the amount of male tourists. And more
surprisingly, these lady visitors come mainly from CHINA.

Bangkok of course, attracts millions of tourists every year and despite the
authorities best intentions, it is still regarded as the sex capital of the world. The
government would like nothing more than to see tourists come to Thailand to see
temples, sit on beaches or visit iconic and beautiful islands but they should never
forget what the tourist industry was built upon and in fact should promote in the
way Amsterdam has for instance.

The latest figures show that more than half of the visitors to Bangkok in the last
year, were female. Back in the 1960s and 70s, it would have been commonplace
to see men commanding 60% plus of those tourism figures but it seems a change
is afoot.

Previously it was thought that women stayed clear of Thailand because of its
reputation for vice and sin but the Tourist Authority of Thailand now believe that
women now see Thailand as an ideal destination for that family holiday. They now
hope to endorse the situation and encourage even more women to visit the
Kingdom by offering discounts in hotels, spas and restaurants in an innovative
project called “Women’s Journey”.

The authorities are still singing the praises of the Chinese and their willingness to
travel to Thailand for their holidays in their droves. In fact, they say Chinese
visitors have risen steadily since 2012, with woman being responsive for much of
the increase.

Chinese sources state that 62% of their overseas holiday makers are female.
It is believed that they Chinese are coming to Thailand due to its ease of travel,
cheap prices for flights and accommodations and getting a visa is a simple
process for them.

Another benefit is that most shopping malls now accept Alipay, a popular payment
method in China, similar to PayPal.

The increase in visitors from the east has seen staff being hired for their ability to
speak Chinese.

However, those in power should not forsake the tourist industry of days gone by.

Europeans, Australians and Americans are what the entertainment industry relies
on and without them, masses of jobs will be lost as bars and nightclubs close. This
in turn will have a huge impact on companies who produce beer and other
products associated with tourism.

The Japanese are also prevalent as tourists in the likes of Bangkok, and they too
like to visit the girly bars.

Pattaya is suffering from a loss of western tourists and you can see the effect it is
having on many areas of the city, such as Jomtien. A promotional drive would be
welcome to bring in more foreigners to places like Pattaya. Tourists who want to
spend time in bars, play pool and visit Go-Go bars.

By all means attract more Chinese visitors but we need a wider spectrum to keep
Pattaya alive and kicking.

Tourisms in Thailand is not only about Bangkok. The authorities must help Phuket,
Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Hau Hin etc., if there is to be equilibrium throughout the

Source: Reuters

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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