Registration Centres For Migrant Workers To Open

Mayanmar is now in the process of setting up registration centres to registers migrant workers expected to be open in the next couple of weeks with Cambodia and Laos also likely to follow suit.

The powers that be are now trying to legalise as many migrant workers as possible in an effort to minimise the effect that the new tougher employment law has had since coming into effect.


Since the new law came into effect on June 23 migrant workers in there thousands have been seen leaving the country through fear of the harsh new penalties.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-chan used his powers to invoke Article 44 to provided workers and employers with a six-month grace period to make sure they are all compliant with the new law.

Labour Ministry spokesman Ananchai Uthaipattanacheep said that they would open five centres for registration in Myanmar to help issue necessary documentation to Myanmar migrants who have the correct paperwork.

Registration Centres For Migrant Workers To Open

They also believe the two bordering nations will open their own centres in an effort to legalise as many workers as possible, after private sectors voice they opinions on the negative effect the new law would have on their business and the economy as a whole.

Lae Dilokvidhyarat, Lecturer at Chulalongkorn University believes that the government needs to focus more on why employers are using illegal workers and try and fix the problem at its root.

With many employers finding themselves with a shortage of labour do you think these new measures are the best way to solve the issue?

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