Reporter turns to police after being badgered for sex on Facebook

Who says romance is dead these days, well it appears that one reporter is more than fed up with a person on the internet who has been attempting to make Kanwela Saoruen, 31, a reporter for Workpoint TV his latest conquest.

Armed with a large pile of screenshots Kanwela who covers social issues for the popular television show filed an official police complaint yesterday providing evidence that she had been bombarded with requests from the online poster to have sex with him regularly for the sum of 287,000 baht per month along with multiple pictures of his tackle which he had spammed her with.

Reporter turns to police after being badgered for sex on Facebook

Kanwela said “I want to stand up for all the women out there who have faced something like me.”

She has asked the police to find the man responsible for the posts providing the evidence to the Technology Crime Suppression Division.

Kanwela said yesterday she began receiving the messages last Saturday from a Facebook account with the name of Worapong Kheawmanee who asked her to meet him on the 5th, 15th and 25th of each month for sex.

He apparently offered the reporter 25,000 just to meet him at CentralWorld to sign an official contract to seal the deal and would pay her the fee even if she opted not to sign the contract.

Kanwela said she originally ignored the messages before eventually responding saying she was not interested and to stop messaging her, which led to a string of photos of his private parts and pictures of other women he claimed where his mistresses.

Capt. Passit Srisupot released a statement that officers were currently looking into the complaint and would start by investigating the posters Facebook page.

Source: khaosodenglish

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