After police announced yesterday that they would be charging the retired policeman with two criminal charges after their investigation concluded that the teacher was actually the rightful owner in the much publicised 30 million baht lottery ticket dispute the former lieutenant has challenged the school teacher to go before the Kanchanaburi sacred City Pillar Shrine to determine which of the pair is telling the truth.

Retired police officer Charron Wimul issued the challenge yesterday to Preecha Kraikruan, his witnesses who supported his claim and the police investigating the case.

Charoon said that the findings of the Provincial Police Region 7’s investigation and his charges of embezzlement and receiving of stolen items were unfair as there is insufficient evidence to support them.

Retired cop in lottery dispute calls on supernatural powers to punish liars

Following the police announcement that they had an eye witness who stated they witnessed Charoon picking up the tickets from the ground the retired police officer dismissed this claim as impossible.

Charoon said he has cooperated fully with the investigation and DNA and fingerprint results proved that he had handled the tickets and he is ready and willing to take a lie detector test.

He is now calling on Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to send an impartial team to investigate the case further.

Charoon said he and his family intend to go before the Kanchanburi sacred City Pillar Shrine on February 11 and if I am lying may the supernatural spirits punish me and my family, he challenged Preecha, his witness and police taking his side to also attend so that the liars will be punished by the spirits.

Following the announcement that CCTV footage showed the retired police officer picking up the tickets from the road some 20 meters from where Preecha allegedly purchased them it seems that the footage no longer exists, if it ever did to begin with.

With such a key piece of evidence now missing it is unclear if the investigation will be reopened.

Source : The Nation

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