With the cremation ceremonies for his late Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej beginning in just a few days it was announced yesterday that roads around the nation’s capital will begin closing starting with roads adjacent to the Royal Cremation grounds in Sanam Luang as from last night.

They said following last night’s road closures there will be a further 27 roads closed, which will remain closed until all ceremonies are complete.

The deputy commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Bureau said that the road closures are partly due to the immense number of mourners expected to descend on the nation’s capital.

He said that police are currently clearing the area around the cremation ground in Sanam Luang and cars will not be allowed to enter the area, in an attempt to prevent traffic congestion, those wishing to enter the area must do so by foot.

Source: Love Pattaya Thailand

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand



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