A 64- year-old Thai man from the southern Songkhla province has reportedly left him ‘ripped off’ after a 40-year- old woman abandoned him with all his money.

The woman, whom he had met only about two weeks ago at the Hat Yai train station, fell in love with immediately.

He reported the police that he had paid THB14, 000 (about US$470) for medical bills when shehad met with an accident. He had also been giving her free rides. And now has stopped
answering his phone calls.

When the police called up the woman, she explained having received the call that she had
accepted the money after being offered generously and had no intention of bankrupting him.

She also informed the police that she has no money to return the man and that it was spend on her medical bills.

The man with no evidence of fraud had to be sent home without any redress by the Police.

Source : MSN

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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