Runaway bride arrested in Nakon Pathom

Jariyaporn Buayai, 32, the woman at the centre of a much publicised marriage fraud cause Who is accused of defrauding at least 12 men out of dowries was arrested last night in Nakon Pathon.

The arrest came after celebrity lawyer Songkan Atchariyasap named Jariyaporn in an official complaint with the police on behalf of around a dozen of her alleged victims.

Runaway bride arrested in Nakon Pathom

She stands accused of conning the men into marrying her and defrauding the group out of a total amount estimated to be 3 million baht.

Yesterday Soiphet Phaleewan, 27, accompanied by her boyfriend went to police investigating the case to protest her innocence after finding out Jariyaporn had been using her name as part of her deception.

Runaway bride arrested in Nakon Pathom

Officers from the Crime Suppression Division then arrested the runaway bride in Krathum Lom sub-district of Sampran, Nakon Pathom at around 8:30pm last night.

It was reported that a news conference is scheduled for 11am today to provide further details on the case.

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Source : Thairath

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