People taking a weekend stroll around the Chatuchak Market on Sunday were treated to an unusual site which is slowly becoming more common across Asia in recent years after a western begpacker decided position herself in the middle of a busy pathway and beg for donations to continue her travels.

Begpacker a slang word becoming more well-known these days in Thailand refers to a western backpacker who begs for money to continue their travels without having to find employment.

The young woman seen in footage widely shared on Thai social media and pretty heavily criticised is decked out in typical backpacker attire of bangy trousers, flip-flops and countless bracelets seen sitting in the middle of the path playing a hang (an instrument which is kind of a mix between a steel drum and a xylophone.)

Many people are seen stopping and listing to the young woman playing away, filming and taking pictures of the unusual site with some people commenting that they had never seen Thai people begging at the market let alone a foreigner.

When approached by a Coconuts reporter the woman declined to reveal her name but said she came from Russia and was raising money to facilitate her travels.

It was reported that by mid-afternoon the Russian woman had appeared to have raised around 500 baht in small denomination notes.

Source: coconut

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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