Thai army Lieutenant Colonel Phitakphon “Seh Pete” Chusri has offered his sincerest apologies for blocking off Khon Kaen busiest road during his wedding ceremony.

He said he believed that closing of part of Mittraphap Road would cause only a minor inconvenience but the result was utter chaos.

High Ranking Officer Says Sorry For Causing Traffic Chaos

The high ranking officer received dogs abuse via social media as the public let him know in no uncertain words how they felt about being stuck in the traffic jams.

He accepted full responsibility for the mishap begging people not to blame his bride’s family as they were unaware of what was going on.

The officer was attending his marriage to “Je Lek”, who is the daughter of the owner of a major seafood retailer.

Commuters were far from happy though. Many thought there had been a serious accident but were truly annoyed when they discovered the delays were caused by a wedding ceremony.

High Ranking Officer Says Sorry For Causing Traffic Chaos

Physician Warisa Sathirathanakorn, who was late for her hospital appointments due the lengthy delays said via social media “Who are you? What power do you have that you close down Mittraphap Road and cause a traffic jam? Other people have to go to work.”

“If you’re so rich, why didn’t you just hold it at a hotel, so other people wouldn’t have to suffer? Or do you think now that there’s a military government, you can do whatever you like?”

Maybe next time, somewhere in a remote area would be more suited to these events

Source : Khaosodenglish

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