Search For A 10 Million Baht Husband Cancelled

Lads all over the world must be disappointed after at the news that a durian trader in Thailand who previously offered up 10,000,000 baht to marry his 26-year-old virgin daughter has cancelled the offer.

The story went viral earlier this week where durian mogul Anot Rotthong said he would fork over 10 million baht in cash and other assets including a durian plantation to the worthy winner of his daughters heart, however he has since cancelled the offer due to the sheer number of applicant that applied for the role.

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He originally planned to hold a three month long “tournament” held on one of his plantations where potential son-in-laws to be would battle it out for his daughters hand in marriage.

Search For A 10 Million Baht Husband Cancelled

Reaching out on Facebook on March 5th Anot said he would no longer be looking for applicants as over 10,000 potential suitors had quickly answered the call.

Wednesday speaking to the media the 26-year-old’s father said he had made the decision to call of the search for a husband for his daughter as the whole thing had become too disruptive to his personal and work life.

He noted that he was a man of his word and whoever his daughter decides to eventually marry he will give that lucky person the 10 million baht he had promised, so there’s still hope yet lads!


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