Search party finds Danish woman lost for five hours at Rayong waterfall

Over 50 police and park rangers were called in to search for a missing Danish tourist on Wednesday night after learning that the woman had gotten lost while hiking in the forest near Khao Chamao Waterfall in Rayong.

Police were alerted that Eva Susanne Gylling, 51, had gone missing after her Danish husband, Zahir Shah Ewasusan, 40, told park officials that the pair had become separated while hiking in the Chamao-Khao Wong National Park.

Park officials were going around telling visitors that the park was closing when they found Ewasusan at the waterfall looking for his wife.

A search party was quickly organised including 50 police and park rangers who searched for five hours before at around 11pm finding the missing woman sitting in the dark about 1.5lm from the waterfall where her husband had been waiting.

Gylling had injured her ankle and was unable to move hence her sitting in the dark and was taken to the Khao Chamao Hospital for treatment.

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Content: Love Pattaya Thailand



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