Security Guard dies after eating fried toad for his dinner

A security Guard was found dead on Wednesday after allegedly eating a toad he found outside of his house

Relatives and neighbours warned Rasamee Sri-art, 57, against eating the amphibian but the man it seems had his heart set on eating the toad for dinner.

He skinned the toad and used it to make “Phat Phet” (stir-fry) and ate it with rice commenting how great it tasted and tried to get other family members to taste it, who were too afraid to try any.

Not long after Rasamee complained of a severe headache and began to vomit then a couple of hours later he died of a stroke.

Police and medical personnel found the man dead in his house in Pak Kret.

Doctors have attributed his death to toxins from the toad which caused heart failure, his body has been sent for autopsy to confirm their theory.

Source : Thairath

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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