They cant be serious….Sexy Nurse outfits to be banned?

“If they ban the sexy nurse outfits, where can I go to get my pulse checked whilst knocking back a cold one?” asks a concerned expat.

The Nurse Association of Thailand (NAT) has filed an official complaint against an entertainment venue because at a recent themed party all the ladies wore sexy nurse outfits.

The NAT committee said that the sexy party had the hot coyote dancers dressed in provocative nurse uniforms holding syringes, probably loaded with alcohol shots. This has caused great offence to the profession.

Chudaporn Sirisonthi, from the NAT committee, said “People would question if those girls were real nurses who wanted to earn extra money. Who would know?” Really? Are people that daft? Ex pats and tourists at least have learnt to tell the difference between an agogo bar and a hospital, but can they tell the difference between a real nurse and a smoking hot coyote dancer dressed up? One can understand if some get confused. There are some similarities and some marked differences…

So here’s how to tell the difference;

1. Real nurses charge before they give you medication, or at least check you have the means to pay, whereas at an agogo bar you pay your medical bill to the sexy nurse just before you leave.

2. Real nurses check your pulse by holding your wrist…

3. Real nurses don’t have tattoos, or if they do they are very well hidden.

4. Real nurses ask if you have medical insurance.

5. Real nurses don’t know how to pole dance.

Both do, however, ask “What your name? Where you from? How long you stay Thailand? How old you?”

The problem is this happened in Bangkok’s Huai Kwang district. The locals there may have not yet learned to tell the difference between a real nurse and an agogo dancer yet and rightly found it offensive. It’s a bit like the first time you visit Pattaya and think to yourself “That bird dressed as a nurse in that bar was very tall and had such a firm hand shake!” You were probably a little shocked to later discover that she wasn’t a real nurse either!

Pol. Chettha Sawangsuk has requested that entertainment venues stop holding themed events that might upset the public.

The venue claimed it wasn’t their fault and they were simply copying influences from foreign culture(s). One of the managers of the venue has since visited the nurse association with a nice grocery basket in way of apology. Their intention was not to offend anyone, simply just to extract a few baht from foreigners, expats and locals.

It has not been revealed if the venue will face any legal action. Someone overheard something about changing the club into a teahouse, because tea money helps problems go away. It must be the aromatic infusions!

Sexy nurses everywhere should know: Your days of disrespecting medical professionals by looking hot are numbered…


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