The woman known as “Shogun” who is wanted for the recently reported Japanese tourist scam, has been arrested in Ranong in the south of the country.

Pasit Arinchalati, the so called executive, who operated a fake company called ” WealthEver” is wanted for questioning following reports of thousands of tourist being stranded at Suvarnabhumi airport.

Those who were stranded arrived in Bangkok, expecting to travel on a week long holiday in Osaka, Japan. But they soon realised they has been scammed and informed the police.

The con begins when customers purchase food supplements from WealthEver for 500 baht. They are offered the opportunity to upgrade their membership, costing 9000 baht but in return, customers received a free holiday to Japan.

To enhance the con, members can gain bonuses by introducing others and selling products to them.

It is thought customers lost over 20 million baht between them, not to mention the disappointed of missing out on a dream holiday.


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