Following a request from the Department of Fisheries the Thai Cabinet has approved the proposal to make the Siamese fighting fish also known as betta fish Thailand’s national marine creature from November 23.

In the past the brightly coloured fish which some might recognise as the default screen saver for the iPhone 6s were used for the spectator sport of fish fighting, a sport which has since diminished in popularity over animal cruelty recognition.

The department of Fisheries has been attempting to increase the value of the Siamese fighting fish since 2013 by encouraging breeders to promote their fish.

A fish specialist Amornrat Swemwarranakul noted that in recent years breeders here in Thailand have vastly improved the colours of their fighting fish which has resulted in a noticeable increase in the price the fish sell for increasing from 3-5 baht per fish to as much as 200 baht per fish.

Source: Coconuts

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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