Single Father Dressed As Mom To Children’s Mother’s Day Event

A single father of 2 children dressed as a mother to his children’s mother’s day event at their school. The father wore a wig and a white feminine blouse to support both of his children.

He states that there is no need for the children to miss their mother on mother’s day when he can support them both as a father and a mother.

The father posted on his Facebook account under the user name “Run Choey Choey” on the 9th of this month (August 2019). He attached a picture of him wearing a wig, white blouse, and some lipstick at the children’s school. He stated in the post “Seeing the children showing how much they love me makes me so happy, there is no need for a mom, I can be both for you.”

The father had 2 young boys both studying at the same school. The boys are seen in the pictures giving traditional Mother’s day flowers to their father who is dressed as a woman. The father smiles and accepts the flowers then proceeds to hug the 2 little boys.

Single Father Dressed As Mom To Children’s Mother’s Day Event

Thai schools often have Mother’s Day celebration where the mothers will come to school and the children will pay respect to the mother. Although the practice holds good intentions, children with no mother or no mother figure in their lives often have to pay respect to a teacher instead. This can lead to children feeling like they are missing something in their lives, something that sets them apart from other children.

The father in this story took care of that problem, he proved that there is absolutely no reason why his children should feel like they are missing something. He can be both a mother and a father for the 2 little boys because the love that he has for them is impossible to put in words.

Netizens gave kind comments such as “Run you are such a cute father”, “This is amazing”, “You are such a good father, this will truly attract good things into your life”, “This must be the granny’s shirt”, “I had tears, this is amazing”, and more.


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