A senior highway official announced this morning (October 5) that the first night test of their new “smart crosswalk” at the Hau Hin Market was a failure.

After the 32 expensive solar lights built into the crosswalk did not emit sufficient light to make the crosswalk easily visible.

New "smart Crosswalk" fails first test might not be so smart

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The lamps rather pricey at 100,000 baht each were fitted on Tuesday to allow them to charge up all day yesterday ahead of their first test last night, which did not go well.

Apichart Charnthanyakorn the director of Prachuap Khiri Khan’s Highway Office said that the lights were not bright enough to sufficiently illuminate the crosswalk when tested last night.

New "smart Crosswalk" fails first test might not be so smart

He said that large LED billboards nearby could be to blame overpowering the light produced from the solar lamps.

He also said that there had been a large amount of rain that day which might have hindered the lamps from charging sufficiently.

Apichart said that officials will continue to experiment with the crossing over the next few months before deciding to look at other methods of safety.  

Source : Thenation

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