Smoking banned at popular Phuket market

It seems that it’s not just some of the beaches across Thailand that are going smoke free after the Action on Smoking and Health Foundation and local Phuket authorities signed a memorandum of understanding to make Chillva Market a smoke free zone on February 10.

It is hoped that in doing so other public areas will follow suit and ban lighting up.

A ceremony was held to sign the memorandum of understanding which included Phuket’s Vice governor Prakob Wongmaneerung and members from the board of foundation including Phuket’s Public Health Office chief, Padungkiet Utoksaenee and Phuket Mayor, Somjai Suwansuppana.

Smoking banned at popular Phuket market

Vice Governor Prakob said “I’m glad that every sector realises the importance of public health protection” speaking about the harm caused from both smoking and passive smoke inhalation.

Smoking banned at popular Phuket market

The Board of Action on Smokers announced that there is an estimated 10 million people who smoke living here in Thailand and roughly 42,000-50,000 people die here each year as a result of smoking-related illnesses.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see similar smoking bans enforced elsewhere in the kingdom? Let us know in the comments section.

Source : Phuket Gazette

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  1. how come the many restaurants and cafe I go to still allow smoking
    think Starbucks and other cafe where people sit around smoking
    i dont see anyone enforcing the no smoking laws


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