Social media members are calling for authorities to track down and punish a disrespectful tourist who was pictured sitting in the lap of a Buddha statue.

Members of Thai social media are once again in uproar after a picture of a currently unidentified tourist was uploaded to Facebook showing a woman sitting in the lap of a Buddha statue at Wat Yai Chai Mongkol.

The woman believed to be from Asia has invoked the wrath of many online who are now calling for authorities to step in and track her down to punish her for her disrespectful actions.

The post was uploaded by Nopporn Chompirom who said he a friend was visiting the temple and took the picture and asked him to upload the picture.

Social media outraged after tourist sits in lap of Buddha

Nopporn said his friend was on an upper level when he spotted the tourists posing for the picture but by the time he got down to the lower level she had vanished.

Social media outraged after tourist sits in lap of Buddha

Speaking about the incident Wat Yai Chai Mongkol deputy abbot said that there was not enough temple staff to police visitor’s actions to make sure they behave appropriately.

Following the incident he said signs would be put up telling visitors to be respectful.

The Historical Park Director of Ayutthaya Sukanya Baonerd said she was concerned after seeing photo and said a complaint will be filed with the local authorities.

She said she has instructed her officials to tell tour guides to inform members of tour groups to behave appropriately when visiting historical sites and monitor their actions whilst there.

Source: The Nation

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