Could Som Tam Be Causing Cancer In Thai People?

Som Tam, a favourite dish in many Thai people’s diet has come under fire as claims that it could be the cause of many cancers, according to the Chonburi Cancer Hospital

Dr. Sutat Duangdeeden spoke of the concerns at the annual cancer seminar recently.

It was stated that over 60,000 cases of cancer related illnesses are being reported every year as fatalities from the disease are increasing at an alarming rate.

Often people use raw fish or “pla ra” as it is known in the Kingdom as part of the green curry or papaya salad dishes. Raw fish and other undercooked products are known to cause worm infections, which in turn, could lead to liver cancer.

He also mentioned that cervical cancer was killing women in Thailand, despite it being preventable. The main cause of cervical cancer is human papillomavirus infections, with HPV16 and 18 being the most prevalent, resulting in the death of 5000 women per annum in Thailand.

A vaccine is available for HPV but many Thais simple cannot afford to pay for the treatment, although school girls are in many cases, given the treatment for free.

Source : PattayaOne

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