Police are on the lookout for two men and a woman who stand accused for stealing carp from a pond in the middle of the night.

The owner, insurance agent Rawadee Kiatkamjornpattana, 44, had being raising the fish for over 10 years and said that they are of high sentimental value to her.

Something Fishy Going On Here

The theft occurred at 1am on Saturday and the perpetrators are alleged to have made off with 20 large sized carp and one red tilapia fish, the only survivors of the raid an albino catfish and one carp were left when there owner went to feed the fish in the morning.

The 10 minute CCTV footage of the theft that took place at Soi Latphrao 101 has been given to the police as well as being shared on the owners Facebook page asking for help in identifying the culprits.

Let’s hope this case of finding nemo has a happy ending.

Source : Thaivisa

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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