Son photo shops mum all over the world

A Thai man has taken the spirit of mother’s day to a whole new level by photo shopping his mother into the world’s top attractions. Reminding people to take their mothers on a holiday, while they still can.

Chub Nokkaew posted the pictures on to his Facebook page, getting 1000’s of shares. While it’s to late for some the rest still have time to make mother’s day special. For those who don’t remember, mother’s day is Aug 12.

Son photo shops mum all over the world

Chub’s mother is now 85yrs old now, but when she was younger he was busy working to provide a life for himself. Every mother’s day he would see posts on Facebook where people had taken their mums on holidays and he was envious because he never did take his mum away.

When he was younger he worked hard to provide for himself and create a better life. Now that he has it’s a little late for his mum. She struggles walking, her eyesight isn’t the best anymore and she is hard of hearing. He can no longer take her anywhere.

Son photo shops mum all over the world

As he travelled to other countries he always regretted not having his mum with him, so photo shopped her into his travel photo’s.

He wants to remind everyone to take their mothers on a trip so you don’t end up with the regret he feels.

So Chub makes his mother pose with the Eiffel Tower in Paris, walk in her trendy sarong at the Shibuya crossing in Tokyo, and interact with penguins in Cape Town.

Aside from praising his advanced photo shop skills, people say these photos make them smile, and they would definitely bring happiness to his mother.

Source : Coconuts

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