Khao San Road is where one of the busiest and wildest Songkran New Year water fights takes place every year.

Thailand is currently suffering the worst water shortage in two decades so the government have requested that the water fight celebrations be cut from 3 days to 2.

This year the popular Khao San Road in Bangkok will host the celebrations on 13th and 14th April from morning until 9pm each day. (The exact location is between Banglampoo intersection and Kokwua junction.)

The atmosphere is sure to be happy and fun, but stores and vendors will feel the pinch with one day less to sell their goods.

Piyabutr Jiuramonaikul, president of the Khao San Business Council, is hoping that tourists will not use talcum powder or show too much bare skin, but says that the store owners are pleased by the 2 day limit.

There were also requests by the authorities for an alcohol free water festival, but there isn’t much hope of that happening. Maybe a reduction in the amount of alcohol consumed is more realistic.

The help maintain a safe area over 150 CCTV will be recording throughout the celebrations plus there will be nine new security gates to stop weapons and alcohol being brought into the closed of streets party area.

VIDEO : Songkrang 2016

In addition to this there will be 300 police officers patrolling 24 hours for the 2 days.


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