Central Marina Now Open

Songkran is only two days away as the people of Thailand and its many tourist prepare to enjoy the festivities of the Thai New Year and its water activities.

Just the time to strictly enforce traffic laws and that is exactly what will happen.

The government has announced that road safety measures will be stepped up across the Kingdom from April 11 and 17. The reason is reduce fatalities on Thailand’s roads.

Checkpoints will be setup across the nation as the campaign kicks off.

Common sense needs to be applied during Songkran if you do not wish to attract the attentions of the police.

Do not drink and drive, although this should be strictly enforced all the year round. If caught under the influence of alcohol whilst driving, your vehicle will be impounded and you will be detained, although it is uncertain how long for.

Refrain from speeding unless you have desires to be fined.

Avoid travelling in the back of pick-ups, especially if you are consuming alcohol. This one is sure to grab the cops attention.

Do not spray or throw water over motorcyclists who are on the move. Again this seems rather obvious but it does happen.

The message is clear. Enjoy the festivities but stay safe.


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