Everyone dreams of winning the lottery – right?

Maybe even more so in Nahkon Phanom, which lies to the north of Thailand on the border with neighbours Laos.

Why you may ask? Well a magical tree has been uncovered following excavation work in the area.

The tree known as Ton Takhian in Thai, is thought to have its own spirit and if you are pleasant to the spirit, good things could happen to you. She may even give you the winning lottery numbers.

Claims that three people have won over 100,000 baht in lottery prizes have raised great interests in Ton Takhian.

If you wish to find out if the tree and its spirit can deliver the winning lottery numbers, you can find it in Ban Phon Ngam.

Lottery ticket vendors have set up shop and are said to be doing “a roaring trade”.

Locals have claimed they offered kindness to the tree and the number 45 appeared, although it is unclear how the number actually became visible.

“San Chao Mae Takhian Thong” is a shrine dedicated to the spirit “Mae Takhian Thong”. It is located in a Buddhist temple in Nakhorn Pathom district.


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