When a man removed the cover of his air-conditioning unit to figure out why it was making weird noises late at night, he didn’t expect to find nearly half a dozen snakes literally chilling inside.

Photos of the five tangled serpents inside the bedroom AC unit are snaking their way around social media today after they were posted by Facebook user Somkiet Pawarasook Deang Kangtung along with a plea for advice on how to prevent reptiles from ever entering his home again

“Late night haunting: I heard weird noises coming from my AC. When I opened it up, I nearly screamed! Damn it, I have some ‘sweet time’ scheduled in this nice, cool room! How did you five get in here?” Somkiet wrote earlier in the week.

Ssssstay Cool: Thai Man Finds, Butchers Snakes Chilling Inside Bedroom Aircon

Though the snakes’ fate was unclear – Somkiet wouldn’t confirm outright – a bloody cut in one’s long body strongly suggested he killed and discarded all five home invaders.

“I don’t know the breed of the snakes, but I decided to protect my family first because I have a small child living in my house. I can’t risk them coming back again,” he wrote. “How do we protect ourselves and stop this from happening again?”

As his post spread, many offered their guesses about the snakes’ breed, with the top contender being the green Chrysopelea ornata, a snake known to be mildly venomous but not considered a threat to humans.

Not all were thrilled by the man’s apparently lethal response to the reptilian discovery. While some agreed it was truly a safety matter, others condemned him for cruelty.

“The animal protection act protects people who are in emergency situations like this. You did the right thing! Good thing they weren’t rat snakes!” a Facebook going by Wayu, the divinity of the nightcommented on the post earlier today.

One user pointed out that snakes have families, too.

“You just murdered an entire family. Harsh!” Manit Kwanchai wrote today.

What do you think, would you have spared their snakey lives or killed first, asked questions later? 


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