It’s pretty safe to say we would all like the dilemma one Laotian man is now facing, where to live after winning first prize on the lottery!

That’s the dilemma now facing 28-year-old Noi Phromsorn who brought four tickets with the same number, 533726 which has netted him the jackpot amount of 24,000,000 baht (£545,000) on the Thai lottery.

The lucky winner told reporters he was visiting Thailand from Laos with his Burmese wife and family to see his former employer at a mill in Manorm about the possibility of providing him with some work.

When he arrived at the mill a lottery ticket salesman on a motorbike was there and strongly insisted that the man buy all four tickets.

Noi said he couldn’t really afford to buy all of the tickets and attempted to get his friends involved but they were not interested, bet there kicking themselves now, so Noi eventually gave in and purchased all four saying that the number had some meaning to him.

Now Noi said to reporters he is not sure if he should return to Laos or start a new life here in Thailand.

Yesterday the lucky winner went to the Hang Nam Sakorn police station to register his win as evidence which is common for people to do in Thailand prior to collecting his winnings from the lottery office.

Source: Thai visa

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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