Like it loathe it, Songkran will soon be upon us and Pattaya will no doubt have extended water festivals lasting around five days.

The Thai New Year (Songkran) can be an amazing experience for the tourist and many expats love the water festivals too.

With bar girls throwing water over passersby, motorbike passengers returning fire with water guns, it is usually all good fun as the hilarity flows.


Almost every bar in Pattaya, will have large containers of water, some warm, others freezing cold, with the sole intention of drenching pedestrians as the walk past their premises. It is a time for fun, entertainment and a distraction from everyday life in the city.

Some feel that one or two days is enough, and will seek to avoid areas known to participate in the water celebrations like it was the plague.

The one good thing about walking around soaked to the skin, is you are generally kept cool and of course ten minutes respite in a nearby bar, and you are dry once again, ready to dodge or involve yourself again.

It goes without saying that some goings on can be dangerous, such as throwing water over a motorbike driver. Not the smartest thing to do in a country where accidents involving bikes is rife.

So with safety in mind, the deputy governor of Bangkok has asked the public not to use high powered water guns during the celebrations. Amnuay Nimmano, makes the plea as concern for tourist and general public is always to the fore during such times.

Let’s rejoice in the celebrations and participate with the Thai sense of humour. It is Thailand at the end of the day, and we should fit in.

However if it is not for you, avoid the city centre at all costs. If there is a bar nearby, you are going to get wet. Simple as that.

Of course there are a number of excellent displays during this period too. Trucks adorned with a variety of themed decorations, traditional Thai dress will be in evidence along with many other aspects to the parades.

Love Pattaya encourages everyone to have fun but most of all – stay safe.


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