Tropical Storm Tembin claimed over 200 lives as it passed across the Philippines and severe weather warnings were issue to many southern and central provinces ahead of its arrival, however the storm came into contact with cold winds weakening the storms strength.

Though Storm Tembin has been weakened it is still resulting in dangerous sea conditions in the Gulf of Thailand and scattered light to heavy rain showers are currently affecting much of the kingdom.

The Meteorological Department issued a new weather update yesterday to downgrade the storm to a low-pressure cell covering the Gulf of Thailand, though the storm has been downgraded people in the south were warned to still expect heavy rainfall and the possibility of flash flooding.

Storm Tembin weakens but risk of rain and flooding still remains

The low-pressure cell has been reported to be causing waves of up to 4-meters in height so the MET Department is advising all smaller boats and vessels to remain ashore.

They also advised motorists across the kingdom to take extra care over this period as the roads will be wet and thus more dangerous.

Source : The Nation

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