Bangkok street food

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) issued a statement claiming that reports doing the rounds concerning the eviction of Bangkok’s famous street food vendors is complete nonsense.

They are suggesting that their goal is to create zones where traders can improve health and hygiene for the benefit of consumers, according to Wallop Suwandee, who is an advisor to governor of Bangkok.

Numerous reports have been seen claiming that the BMA wanted to reclaim pavements for pedestrians but in the Love Pattaya article, we wrote that it was wrong to remove the world famous food vendors from the capital. Instead, we suggested created specific areas to host the traders. Sound familiar?

We also raised concerns over employment for the vendors who would lose their income, not to mention the impact on tourism. Remember the city, according to many sources, offers the best street food on the planet.

Mr. Suwandee dismissed the report as baseless.

He said Khao San Road has boutiques, Pad Thai fried noodles and foot massage stalls, all of which cannot be allowed to trade side by side.

Zoning or having specific food stall areas is an ideal solution providing it accessible to tourists and locals alike.


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