Tough action against transport company following Ayutthaya deadly crash

Following a fatal road accident in Ayutthaya province in which four Japanese tourists were killed and a Thai tour guide.

The Land Transport Department (LTD) has ordered the company who owned the passenger minivan involved bring all 84 of its other vehicles to the department to be inspected.

All drivers working for R.L Service have also been ordered to sit a diving safety course to be held at the LTD. A fine has been issued against the company of 50,000 baht, the maximum fine permitted as a result of the accident.

Phuket police round up 95 'illegal aliens' in three day operation
Phuket police round up 95 'illegal aliens' in three day operation

Officials from the LTD stated that the license of the driver of the minivan Charun Aksornsri was rescinded the day after the accident, which took place on November 8. An investigative team from the LTD was dispatched to examine the scene of the crash as well as the wreckage of the minivan.

The director-general of the LTD Kamon Buranapong said that personnel were unable to find any skid marks on the road meaning that the driver did not hit the brakes before the minivan crashed into the back of the 10-wheel truck.

Source: Thaipbs

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