There’s a new harmful narcotic drug cocktail craze in Thailand that’s becoming a ‘hit’ with Thai teens. The formula can be easily be found online and the ingredients are easily sourced, which is particularly worrying for authorities and parents alike.

The drug has been dubbed ‘ya pro’ and is also known as Procodyl. It’s a made up of a mixture of soft drinks, cough syrup, muscle relaxants and cold medicines plus three ingredients readily available from over the counter at pharmacies.

Thai authorities have alerted High Schools to be on the look-out for unusual student behaviour. ‘ya pro’ has a narcotic effect on the brain when taken in a particularly high dose, which is potentially very dangerous too.

Mr. Thi Bhawangkanantha, head of the Child Protection Centre at the Office of the Basic Education Commission has also alerted Thai authorities and schools that some drug stores are selling the mix. This is very worrying indeed.

New legislation needs to be implemented that prevents children from buying the ingredients and criminalises the sale and use of this dangerous cocktail. In the meantime his office will inform drugstore operators to be more vigilant and for schools to increase student truancy patrols.


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