Student group appeals to PM to shut down beer garden

A group of 30 university students all part of the Youth Network Against New Drinkers have requested that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha step in and prevent Central Nakhon Ratchasima mall from opening a winter beer garden starting next month.

Theerapat Khahawaong is currently coordinating the network which has been trying to get a ban on venues selling alcohol near academic institutes for years now.

The mall has apparently asked permission from the provincial governor to review the anti-alcohol zoning in the area citing economic reasons were behind the need for a review.

As a result local authorities are looking into new businesses being permitted to sell alcohol at the mall.

Theerapat said that the mall was constructed after the NCPO order banned alcohol licences to newly opened businesses in alcohol prohibited zones, following the announcement that a beer garden was going to be opened next month based on the confidence that the provincial governor would approve its opening.

The Network is now asking that state officials step in and summon mall officials to explain themselves.

Theerapat stated that if the province was to allow the mall to open the beer garden the students from three universities in the area would be put at risk.

Going further Theerapat said by allowing the zoning exception it would only encourage other businesses in the area to seek licenses to start selling alcohol undermining the NCPO order and further endanger students in the area.

Source: TheNation

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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