Thailand and China cable link

Thailand has ambitions to become south-east Asia’s digital hub.

The government is attempting to attract investors as they prepare a plan to lay underwater cables linking Thailand to Honk Kong and mainland China.

There is no doubt the plan is ambitious but if approached properly and with financial backing in place, it could reap rewards for the country.

By all accounts, a five billion baht investment for the cabling has already been approved by the government.

Submarine cabling is not a new technology. In fact there are a number of ocean going cable systems around Asia at present. India and the USA are connected by such as system as is the USA, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore, so there is nothing preventing Thailand from becoming a digital hub either.

There are huge financial rewards if the plans succeed, not to mention the jobs such a project would deliver to the nation.

Let us hope that the ambitious plans come to fruition.


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