Sugary Drink Prices Set To Rise

New measures could be in place by September to encourage manufacturers to produce soft drinks containing less sugar and to motivate people into drinking healthier beverages.

The Finance Ministry will cut taxes for sugar free products in a bid to increase the sales of healthy drinks.

Effectively, any drink that contains less sugar than the ministry’s threshold, will have a lower tax rate, meaning savings to customers at the retailers.

However the saving probably won’t be enough to persuade those with a sweet tooth to ditch their sugary drinks. The reduction is likely to be around one baht per bottle but some drinks could be exempt from tax.

They also plan to increase tax on drinks that exceed the threshold of sugar levels, meaning prices will rise for your favourite sugar fuelled drink.

Sugary Drink Prices Set To Rise

Those who enjoy an energy drink could see a sharp rise in pricing.

With less sugar content in our favourite soft drinks, the government hope that it will lower expenses for treating illnesses which are caused by consuming excess sugar. They hope, over a period of years, to see a reduction in costs to hospitals and pharmacies.

Healthy eating and drinking is on the way.

Source : Bangkokpost

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