It was not a very happy Christmas for one unlucky Thai woman after a nose job went horribly wrong and photos of the traumatic event surfaced on social media showing the implant jutting out from the bridge of her nose between her eyes.

The photos were originally uploaded on December 24 by Hataitip, a clinic in Bangkok and were shared over 10,000 times, the clinic offered to remove the painful looking implant for free after the clinic where the original surgery had been performed refused to take responsibility.

Apparently the area around the implant became infected causing the implant to stick out, however the clinic where the woman had the surgery performed which was not named refused to help the post stated “this is a lesson for those who are deciding on a clinic for a nose job.”

Talk about a nose job gone wrong, pics go viral of botched nose job

Photos were also posted of the woman’s nose once the implant was successfully removed at the Hatatip clinic showing a rather large hole in the middle of the woman’s face, noting that it might take as long as a year for the skin to grow back.

Many internet citizens stated it was the worst botched nose job they had ever seen while praising the clinic in Bangkok for coming to the woman’s aid for free.

Source : Coconuts

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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