The Thai Public Taxi Association has demanded raise in both metered fare and surcharge for pickups from two airports in Bangkok yesterday. Added to that they demanded they should be allowed to charge extra fees for extra luggage.

The demands were submitted by Sadit Jaitiang, the association’s president, to the ministry of transport pointing fuel price hike as the basis.

The group has demanded for 5% hike on metered fare and service charges. They further demanded that the surcharge for airport pickups should be raised from THB50 to THB 75 for regular cabs and THB 90 for vans.

Sadit explained since most of the passengers travel with 5-6 bags, they will allow only two bags for free and THB 10 for the third bag but for more than that the rest will be charged with THB 30 each.


As Sadit stated, an average taxi driver needs THB 2000 to survive covering the daily rent of THB750 and fuel cost of THB550. He added that the figures can be more realistically obtainable if the revised fares allow the drivers a baseline profit of THB 700.

THB 2000 is not a big money, if you compare with other sectors. Woraphol Gaemkhuntod, the president of another taxi network had mentioned in an interview that some of his drivers had made THB 3000 a day earlier this year. To compare, the basic salary of a regular shop employee is THB 9000 a month.

The demands of the association seemed rational but it did not fetch much sympathy from the public because of the bad reputation of cab services. Several news stories had been made in the past pointing random refusals, overcharging and detouring practices by the cab services.

However, Sadit in the petition has claimed the trend has stopped. The cab drivers are not refusing or overcharging anymore.

Source : Coconuts

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  1. Yeah keep on jacking the prices up in Thailand and everyone will be going to the other Asian countries cambodia Laos Vietnam as slowly it’s becoming more expensive there..


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