Cabbie returns 100,000 baht

A good Samaritan has returned in the region of 100,000 baht in cash he discovered in his cab.

The Bangkok taxi driver, picked up a passenger from Suvarnabhumi Airport on Sunday evening but the customer accidentally left his wallet in the cab as he left the vehicle.

The driver, Charan Sinsiri, informed airport security that he had discovered the wallet, and gave details of the person he believed it belong to. He presented the wallet containing the money, which was in Myanmar and US currency, to officials at Suvarnabhumi.

He added that one of the passengers looked ill and thought they may need the money urgently.

He took airport staff to the area where he dropped the group, in the hope they could locate them. As they searched, Charan received a call from the passenger asking if he had found his wallet, apparently getting the driver’s number from the slip issued at the airport.

Eventually at around 04:00 the passenger, Mr. Waw Lay, a Myanmar man and driver met at the airport, where the wallet was returned.

Charan was offered a reward for his good deed.

Chadanisa Chamnarnvet, deputy director of Suvarnabhumi airport, praised Charan for his honesty.

She also advised people to retain the slip they are issued at the airport when taking a taxi, as it could assist in finding lost belongings.


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