Taxi Drivers Surround Women Driver In Chiang Mai Believing She Was An Uber Driver

A woman took to social media to vent her anger at taxi drivers, after she was surrounded by the drivers because they believed she was working for Uber.

But again, as in previous incidents involving angry taxi drivers, the woman had a legitimate reason for picking up a Chinese client, for she was renting a condo she owned.

This latest incident occurred in Chiang Mai and has left the woman raging at the way she was treated.

But the Land Transport Department have dismissed her complaint as a “simple misunderstanding”.

The woman said her client called her to pick her up but upon arrival, she was surrounded and blocked in by the taxi drivers.

She had to show the men her client’s phone to prove her innocence but has yet to receive an apology for their behaviour.

A similar event occurred in Pattaya, where another guiltless car owner was mistaken for an Uber driver and threatened.

The Chinese tourist must have a wonderful impression of Thai hospitality because of the taxi drivers.

Source : Thaivisa

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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