Its old news but being recycled again by the Department of Land Transport as they bid to clean up Bangkok’s taxi trade

Many schemes have been announced over recent months which claim will increase passenger safety, end speeding taxis and target those who refuse fares or fail to turn on meters.

They also welcomed applications like Grab Taxi or Grab Car providing they register as taxis, take on the correct insurance and operate under taxi laws.

Taxi OK and Taxi VIP are said to be ready to launch in the capital but if the take up is anything like that of Grab Taxi, it is unlikely to make huge improvements.

One taxi driver said that he refused to use Grab Taxi because he had to pay a commission to the company in return for them finding him the hire.

But Grab of course have to make money too so this argument hardly stands up.

Taxis To Be Fitted With New Hardware And Apps Made Available

Taxi VIP and OK take things to a new level, for they monitor driver speed, hours worked and more, which in theory is an excellent idea. But will they make uptake compulsory so that every car has to install the hardware and sign up to the apps?

Devices such as GPS tracking and CCTV, plus an emergency button have to be installed for the systems to function. Speeding offences would be instantly sent to authorities.

Despite claims that the systems are ready to be rolled out, no dates have been announced and it is unclear as to who will foot the bill for the installation of the hardware.

Source : Thaiviasa

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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